We want your views to be included to ensure that the majority view of what is important to Bleadon residents goes into the preparation of the Draft NP.

THE FIRST SURVEY in January 2019 asked people to let us know what they value about Bleadon Now.  It then asked what people see as accepptable or necessary for Bleadon Future.  The NP looks ahead to 2036 and will sit alongside the new North Somerset Local Plan which is being prepared at the moment.  The key aspect of the NP is the use of land, particularly for housing development; without an NP any development will be decided entirely by other people.  The survey was delivered to every household in the parish and additional copies were available at the church, the pub and the post office.  It could also be completed online.  Responses could be anonymous if wished. The survey document included explanation of some planning terms and maps.  The Group was extremely pleased with the interest shown and the number of surveys completed.

THE FIRST SURVEY RESULTS have been collated, printed, and will be delivered to every household by the end of July. Included in the document are every 'free' comment that was made by respondents at any point in the survey.  It is a large document and may be slow to load - click here to view it online.  

The comments will be taken forward as we formulate the draft plan.

The Neighbourhood Planning Group has the full support of Bleadon Parish Council and reports to the council’s monthly meetings.  Any resident willing to help develop the Plan is welcome to join the Group.  


If you have any questions please contact:

Gill                  01934 813255

George          07484 337689

Clerk             07453 358318

Or email: