Bleadon Neighbourhood Plan

This is your chance to influence what happens to the whole of the parish in the future.

Many of you have given your opinions on future development in the village, travel and the local environment at meetings over the last couple of years.  Those opinions have now been used as the basis of the first simple survey, completed in January 2019.  You may feel that you have already had your say, but the preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NP) must demonstrate that everyone in the parish has had a full and fair opportunity to give their views throughout the process.

At the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING on 8th April 2019 we gave you an analysis of the responses and confirming the key issues to take forward.  We have now printed the full report containing every response - this will be delivered to every household by early July.  A tear-out page is included for you to submit additional comments if you wish.

As always, we will be happy to welcome anyone interested in helping to create the Plan.  We usually meet on a Wednesday evening once a month.  


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